Kontener budowlany Used C10 - TEK 7 Modules - TYPE F (1 floor stairs - entrance area) - well suited for housing, office and social / meeting facilities. (we have 2 pcs in stock)

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Jednym z wybranej marki Used C10 - TEK 7 Modules - TYPE F (1 floor stairs - entrance area) - well suited for housing, office and social / meeting facilities. (we have 2 pcs in stock) kontener budowlany jest gotowy do wzmocnienia pozycji firmy transportowej.

Rok produkcji – 1900. Jednostka jest dostępna w 3300, Buskerud, Norwegia. Szczegółowy przegląd znajduje się poniżej. Cena - 1039 Euro.

Skorzystaj z handlu Used C10 - TEK 7 Modules - TYPE F (1 floor stairs - entrance area) - well suited for housing, office and social / meeting facilities. (we have 2 pcs in stock) kontener budowlany z Truck1 Polska.

Please provide reference number upon request: 4149


Our 11 different movable and flexible modular systems can be shaped in many different ways and fit anywhere. With these modules there are almost no limitations, just a myriad of possibilities.

You can build on one or more floors, one after the other or at an angle.

You can build freestanding or adjacent to existing buildings. There is only to choose.

Quantity for sale of the various modules -

- A / 27pcs. (office / office)

- B / 10pcs. (hall open both long sides)

- C / 15pcs. (technical plumbing)

- D / 1pc. (technical plumbing 1 storey staircase)

- E / 1 piece (technical plumbing 2 storey stairs)

- F / 3pcs. (1st floor stairs - entrance)

- G / 1pc. (2 storey stairs)

- H / 1pc. (hall - open to one side)

- I / 20pcs. (hall - open to one side)

- K / 9pcs. (office / office with opening on one long side)

- L / 0pcs.

See picture to see what the different modules contain.

Follow the link http://draw.cramoadapteo.com/index.php?l=en_US to build the different modules together.

C10 is a system that has been specially developed for short-term solutions.

The modules are easy to vary and adapt to specific wishes, and are particularly favorable as a housing solution.

Owner's Description

The module is sold as stated in the status report and photos.

Costs associated with repair / upgrade - installation are borne by the buyer.

Condition / Status report and pictures of our single module can be sent on request.


Surface: 27 m2

Length: 8 966 mm

Width: 2,930mm.

Height: 3,200 mm

Internal height: 2 400mm,

corridor 2180 mm ·

Exterior dimensions: 8 966 [l) x 3,045 b, incl. Outer wall set l x 3,200

Weight: Varies between 4 and 8 tons


The modular system C10 is statically dimensioned to be built on one or more floors.

The module's roof is supported by glulam beams, alternatively 220-edge frames between the module outer walls, which are located in the module's outer edges with a span of approx. 8.5 m.

Between the glulam beams [or the 220-edge frames), the load-bearing structure of the roof consists of wooden beams. The glulam beams in the roof rest on glulam columns in the module outer corners. Possibly 220-edge frames resting on modular partitions. The columns stand along the edge of the floor joist layer and the load is carried further down to the ground or underlying floor.

The load-bearing structure in the floor joist layer is wooden joists. Along the lower edge of the floor joist there is a steel frame of USP profiles. Snow load 400 kg / m2.


Up = 0.25 Wlm2. K.

120 mm base of steel beams [USP).

2 mm steel wire with ele-distance 300.

4.5 mm wooden plate.

35 x 220 mm with ele-distance 600.

220 mm mineral wool class 39.

19 mm chipboard.


Up = 0.22 Wlm2, K.

1 mm PVC foil, fully glued.

12 mm overlapping U-veneer plate.

35 ~ -105 mm air gap.

Wind barrier made of tetofolia.

220 mm mineral wool in class 39.

35 x 220 mm ceiling beams with ele-distance 600 and 35 x 220 edge beams or 115 x 405 mm. L40 glulam beams as edge beams.

0.15 mm plastic foil as diffusion barrier.

12 mm chipboard [in approved fire class] possibly plasterboard.

Fire-retardant cladding In surface class 1.


Up = 0.35 Wlm2. K.

13 mm hard profiled wooden board.

35 x 170 mm uprights ele-distance 600.

170 mm mineral wool class 39.

0.15 mm age-resistant plastic foil.

10 mm chipboard [in approved fire class] possibly plasterboard.


Up = 0.35 Wlm2, K [incl. section partition). 13 mm hard profiled wooden board.

35 x 70 mm mineral wool in class 39.

6.4 mm hard wood board.


Screen 2 x 12 mm chipboard.

Long shade strip as a suspended ceiling profile.

Undertak [Ecophon Print Fissured].


10 mm chipboard.

45 x 45 mm and 35 x 70 mm uprights

with ele distance 600.

30 mm mineral wool in class 36.

10 mm chipboard.



10 mm chipboard (in approved firebox) possibly plasterboard.

0, 15 mm age-resistant plastic foil.

70 mm mineral wool class 36.

45 x 70 mm uprights with ele-distance 400.

90 x 135 mm L40 glulam columns under glulam triangle beam. possibly 45 x 70 mm nailed uprights In wall under 220 mm edge frame.

6.4 mm wooden board [external module joints!


900 x 1200 and 600 x 1200 mm H windows. Three-layer insulation panes with frames and frames of wood, fixed or possible to open. Door section 1000 x 210O mm aluminum. Three-layer insulation pane with tempered glass in the outer pane. Complete with lock case and handle. Lock cylinder not included.


900 x 210 mm white solid door with in sound class 25 dB and fire class El 15. Complete with lock box and handle. Lock cylinder not included.


Walls with white painted fiberglass strip [NCS 0502-Yl. White painted ceilings [NCS 0502- Yl. Factory painted door leaves [Beckers 5002] Moldings, frames and windows red glazed

[Beckers 631-2002). Linoleum flooring [Forshaga Marmoleum no. 3011 gray. Floor covering [Tarkett Optima 42841 2 mml on plinth with edge in bathroom, WC and washing / appliance room as well as wall covering Tarkett Aguarelle 62150.


The facades are painted in light gray [Beckers 631- 50051. while moldings and decorative moldings are painted in falu red [Beckers 631-20021. The windows are red-lacquered [Beckers Ax 100-20201.

and the door sections are anodised in natural color. Plate fitting with heat-galvanized plastic-coated black plate.


The buildings are regarded as one- or two-storey buildings in fire technical class BR 2. The modules are constructed with prefabricated supporting structure in wood with joist layers.

and roof construction in class REI 30 as well as exterior walls in class REI 30. Surface in corridors etc. has fire-retardant cladding [surface class 11. The buildings are evacuated via escape routes at ground level and via windows that can be opened. If the building has two floors, the evacuation takes place via internal stairs and external steel stairs.


Mechanical supply and exhaust air ventilation with heat recovery.


The modules are heated with protective earths

electric radiators that are regulated with a built-in thermostat.


The rooms have two fluorescent luminaires [2 x 36 WI mounted in the ceiling. In the corridor there are recessed fluorescent luminaires [1 x 36 WJ The general lighting is dimensioned for 350 lux.


The modules have electrical ducts of the Thorsman type under the window sill. In each office there are four earthed outlets as well as empty boxes for data and telephone. In each module there is a group control panel with circuit breakers for power, lighting and heating. Exterior power station with circuit breakers, earth fault circuit breakers, sockets and space for electricity meters. The modules are connected to external, approved rubber cables. Separate interconnection for the lighting for large office rooms and classrooms. In the corridor roofs there is installation space for ducts. low current and alarm installation. Empty pipe for fire alarm.


The basic construction is carried out on a system of pressure plates and spacer frames.


The materials in the modules are checked in accordance with «environmental data on construction products», an environmental management system in accordance with SS-EN 14001. The classification system is structured

in accordance with SS-EN ISO 14001 to describe continuous improvement.

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